RX-121-3C GUNDAM TR-1 HAZE’N THLEY ガンダム TR-1 ハイゼンスレイ HG

RX-121-3C HAZE’N THLEY ハイゼンスレイ






The Gundam TR-1 HIZENSRAY is the final development type of the Gundam TR-1 that has been strengthened based on the know-how gained from the TR-6. The model number is RX-121-3C. The only form of TR-1 variation that does not bear the name “Hazel”.

It was developed as a core unit of TR-6, and has the same functions and abilities as Wounddwort. Therefore, it is possible to connect and operate with TR-6 various reinforced parts and units as well as general weapon systems. However, due to the destruction of TR-6, it was never actually produced or operated.

The mobile suits is based on [Hazel Ausula] and docked with the upper half strengthened parts of the Hizen Srei II. Since the chest including the Primrose of [Hazel Owsla] and Primrose II of Wounddwart has the same standard, such a replacement was possible. At the same time, the head unit is replaced with an optional special type, and the front armor is equipped with the upper part of the Wounddwart (excluding the head) as a sub-arm unit II.

The carrying weapon is equipped with one composite shield booster. Due to the docking with the TR-6, the upper body of [Haze’n-theley] has been completely redesigned from GM Quel, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is actually another mobile suits, so the new RX-121-3C A model number was given. [Haze’n-thley] had a plan to operate it as a core unit for Fiber II, Dandy Ryan II, and Inle, as in the case of Haze’n-theley II.



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